Hardwood Floor Refinishing

The beauty of hardwood flooring is its durability. Wood flooring is able to retain its natural good looks for many years. Yet nothing lasts forever, even wood can be damaged or worn by foot traffic, or become marked and scratched by furniture and other heavy items. Daily life can take its toll on any hardwood floor.

But quality flooring can be restored to its original appearance by wood floor refinishing. Our team can get to work sanding hardwood floors that have taken a battering and bring them back to their former glory.

Throughout our service delivery we can advise you of what can be achieved once we have inspected your floor and will discuss any stain or surface treatments you may want applied to your hardwood flooring.


Floor Sanding Service

When you purchase your wood flooring you make choices about how your wood is finished. Our service can help bring your floors back to their original finish, or you can opt for a new finish.

Hardwood sanding is carried out using professional grade sanding equipment, which takes the top later off your wood flooring. The process of sanding brings your flooring back to the raw wood and removes the scratches and marks in your flooring.

How much sanding is required will depend upon your floor. If your flooring isn’t scratched and you only need a new finish very little sanding will be needed. If you have any dents or holes in your flooring it may be possible to fill them in with wood filler.

When we sand floors much depends upon the thickness of your wooden flooring, its general condition and the type of wood. We can advise you whether we can achieve the look you want following an inspection of your flooring.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Once your flooring is sanded back to the raw wood, and you have a smooth wooden surface again, we can apply a stain and finish of your choice. For the benefit of your long term enjoyment of your wooden flooring, we will advise you of the best finish for your wood, as the type of wood, and how much footfall it gets may affect how suitable some finishes are.

Refinishing wood floors will only include staining if you wish to change the color of your flooring. If you do, we will apply a stain after sanding.

We can then complete the hardwood floor refinishing process by applying a surface treatment, again if you wish to. Surface treatment can add an attractive finish to wooden flooring.

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